“To these six was later added abhava, nonexistence or absence. Though negative in content, the impression it makes is positive; one has a perception of an absence where one misses something. Five such absences are recognized: previous absence, as of a new product; later absence, as of a destroyed object; total absence, as of colour in the wind; reciprocal absence, as of a jar and a cloth, neither of which is the other and present absence, as of the City that Dwells in the Dark”. (Enyclopaedia Britannica, Vaiseshika)

Fink: Fabio Ghelli
Markus: Lucas Negroni
Reiseführer: Michail Voland

Originalmusik: Vlimmer https://blackjackilluministrecords.bandcamp.com/

Der heutige Song: Pale Blue Dot von Box and the Twins

Mehr von Box and the Twins: http://www.boxandthetwins.com/

Artwork: Gianluca Romano

Staffel 3 – Folge 4
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