“When Gushi Khan, the Chief of all the Olets or Kalmucks, finished the war with the ‘Red Caps’ in Tibet, he carried out with him the miraculous ‘black stone’ sent to the Dalai Lama by the ‘King of the World.’ Gushi Khan wanted to create in Western Mongolia the capital of the Yellow Faith; but the Olets at that time were at war with the Manchu Emperors for the throne of China and suffered one defeat after another. The last Khan of the Olets, Amursana, ran away into Russia but before his escape sent to Urga the sacred ‘black stone.’ While it remained in Urga so that the Living Buddha could bless the people with it, disease and misfortune never touched the Mongolians and their cattle. About one hundred years ago, however, some one stole the sacred stone and since then Buddhists have vainly sought it throughout the whole world. With its disappearance the Mongol people began gradually to die.” (Ferdinand Ossendowski, Beasts, Men and Gods)

Fink: Fabio Ghelli
Markus: Lucas Negroni
Stimme im Kontrollraum: Travis J. Dow
Aufguss-Meister: Michail Voland
Sauna-Gäste: Valerie und John Panagiotidis

Originalmusik: Vlimmer und Fabio Ghelli
Der heutige Song: Kujul Awa von Pictures from Nadira

Mehr von Pictures from Nadira: picturesnadira.bandcamp.com

Artwork: Gianluca Romano

Staffel 3 – Folge 6

Ein Gedanke zu „Staffel 3 – Folge 6

  • 20. Oktober 2017 um 13:37

    Hallo Randow Team,

    wieder einmal eine sehr schöne Folge. Vor allem der Plott mit der “Stimme” der Fahrstuhlfirma bringt mich zum grinsen.

    Bis denne


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